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24/7 Emergency Service

Money-Saving AC Upgrades & Fast Repairs

Don't let a busted AC system ruin your day. Call Comfort Cooling & Heating LLC for immediate AC repairs or upgrades!

Thorough Repairs

If your unit fails to blow out any cool or hot air, we'll first have you check your emergency switch to save you both time and money. If everything is in order by the problem persists, we'll come out to you location to thoroughly inspect your AC unit. For gas or electric heating systems, we'll check to make sure the thermostat is functioning correctly. Once the issue has been located, we will provide you with an easy to follow estimate on the cost of repairs. We forward all issues covered under your warranty to the manufacturer.

AC Upgrades

If your system is older than 15 years, your system may not be efficient enough anymore and leaving you with a high energy bill. With modern technology these new HVAC units have greatly improved in efficiency and are extremely quiet, keeping your utility bills down. We upgrade your system to a two-stage, 95% efficiency gas heating and cooling system. This new 2 stage system operates on a lower stage until more cooling or heating is needed, using less energy and ultimately saving you money.

Thorough Repairs

We sell and install all major brands, all of which include 5–10-year warranties. Our friendly experts walk you through the entire setup process, including how to change the filter every three months. If you ever have a problem with your system, call us so we can resolve the issue immediately.

Contact us at (267) 505-9552 for the best rates on AC repairs.